The Batch Insights API

Grab any push, from any app – in real time.

Integrate within your CMS, intelligence dashboard or alert system.

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push to api schema{APP_ID}/notifications?token={API_TOKEN}&before={MAX_DATETIME}&after={MIN_DATETIME}&limit={LIMIT}&offset={OFFSET}
{APP_ID} App Store ID / Play Store package. Ex:, 340425658...
{API_TOKEN} Your api token
{MAX_DATETIME} Notifications received before 'date' (format: UNIX timestamp)
{MIN_DATETIME} Notifications received after 'date' (format: UNIX timestamp)
{LIMIT} Max number of results to return (max is 100)
{OFFSET} First push to send
      "name":"NYTimes - Breaking National \u0026 World News",
        "body":"Ted Cruz Becomes First Major Candidate to Announce Presidential Bid for 2016",

Format is Json

I get the error message "App not found";

If you can’t find app, simply log in to Batch Insights, then go to My App Requests and add the iTunes and/or Google Play URL of that app. This will allows us to prioritize the indexing of this app. It usually is added within 12 hours. If you're just trying to test the API, have a look at all the apps we already track:

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